School Councils


The Eco-Council is an organisation in school that helps make the school greener. They children are elected democratically each September, one child from Years 1-5 and 2 children from Year 6, a chair person and a Secretary. The children meet at least once a half term and discuss how to make the school better for the environment. Within the Eco-Council, we also have an Eco-Club, run by Mr McDowell and Mrs Turnbull-Mills. Any children can come to Eco-club, which takes place every Friday lunchtime in the Year 6 classroom.


School Council

This is formed from two children out of each class, Years 1-6. They are elected democratically each September. The School Council generally meet once each half term to discuss issues that concern the pupils. These issues include items such as playground equipment, rotas, charitable giving and special events. School Council members discuss items with their classes before the meeting and then feed back information from the meetings to their class.  They have the responsibility of a budget which they have spent on items such as chickens for the whole school and new playground equipment.

See attached Behaviour Quiestionnaire from summer term 2017.

The current school council for the academic year ___ is:-

Year 6

 - Chair

 - Secretary


Year 5


Year 4


Year 3


Year 2


Year 1


Please look at files attached for agenda items from the most recent meeting. 



The Sports council is made up of 10 Year 6 pupils who have a passion for sport and living healthily. Their responsibilty is to ensure all pupils at Prospect Vale are given lots of opportunities to take part in physical activities at our school and promote Healthy eating. They also have the opportunity to work alongside other schools in the cluster, to deliver PE activities and organise competitions. The Sports council meet monthly with Mrs Hall.

The Sports council are currently planning some fabulous activities, fundraisers and inter-school tournaments for the New Year, so watch this space!



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