PE and sport at PV - Autumn term 1 2019

PE and Sport at Prospect Vale - Autumn term 1 – September/October 2019

It’s been a very busy 1st half term for PE at PV as we started our 2019/2020 academic year in our new year groups!

Here’s a brief story of what we’ve been up to across school…

  • In Nursery, we have been introducing basic fundamental skills, focusing on gross motor movement. The children enjoy working in the hall and regular outdoor sessions.
  • In Reception a big focus has been fundamental skills and really progressing the basics – different ways to move, balance, climb and dismount. We have also introduced some lower level apparatus. The children have shown some great independence skills too by organising changing in and out of PE kits on their own!
  • Year 1 have been progressing their gymnastic skills further and have worked hard on practising forward and backward rolls. We have also had music & movement and yoga sessions.
  • Year 2 have started working on some of the advanced skills in the Key Steps Gymnastics routines. This half term they have been introduced to the vault and started linking gym moves together. Year 2 have also had music & movement and yoga sessions.
  • Year 3 have started putting together routines in gymnastics and worked hard evaluating and improving their skills. They have started working toward the Key Steps Gymnastics program. They have also started to construct a Stoneage dance, retelling the story of ‘Oogo the caveboy’.
  • Year 4 have been attending swimming lessons every Friday and working on creating their own aerobic sequences in PE. Each group has taken their turn to lead the class in their workout and have come up with some fantastic fitness routines!
  • Year 5 have been progressing their athletics skills, but also been working extremely hard on a playground leaders award with Mrs O’Hare. The successful Year 5’s will be leading our younger children in keeping active at breaktimes. Applications for the job are due in when we return after half term.
  • Year 6 have been working on balance in gymnastics but their main focus has been athletics skills. Some of the children were picked for the Y6 athletics team and all the class worked on sprinting and longer distance running and throwing skills for the event.

Our Smile for a mile this year is focused on ‘Run to Tokyo’ and all classes record how far they have run as a class and individually in each 15 minute session. The scores are totalled up and added to the board on the corridor.

This half term we have totalled 2816 laps = 352 miles as a school. Our goal is to have reached Tokyo by the time the 2020 Olympics start in July. Stockport to Tokyo is approximately 5,869 miles, so we’ve got a way to go yet!

The most active class this ½ term has been YEAR 2 totalling a massive 1101 laps! Well done Year 2.

Next half term will see the return of our highly popular Santa Dash so we are expecting a huge amount of miles added to our scoreboard on that day! Details coming nearer the time.

  • Year 3 represented our school at the Year 3/4 Sportshall athletics competition @ Aquinas College.
  • Our Year 6 athletics team competed at The Indoor athletics transition competition @ SportCity.

Cristiano has been taking structured games sessions every lunchtime in the top playground. This half term he has done football and hockey skills with our pupils.

Mrs O’Hare has been coming in on a Wednesday and worked with our Year 5 and 6’s this half term.

We continue to be busy after school - Football club on a Tuesday, KS2 Cheerleading on a Wednesday, KS1 Cheerleading and dance on Thursday and Multi-skills on a Friday.

More exciting competitions and activities are planned for the next half term!

Mrs Hall J