Key Steps Gymnastics competition

On Tuesday 22nd January, 30 of our pupils from Years 1 - 6 were chosen to represent Prospect Vale at the Stockport Key Steps competition at Stockport Gymnastics club.

It was a fabulous contest with over 40 teams competiting in 3 catagories - Team Yr1/2, Team Yr 3/4 and Team Yr5/6. All the pupils were expected to perform a body management routine, 2 vaults and a floor routine in front of a panel of judges!

Our children were all fantastic, doing PV proud. Year 1/2 teams finished 3rd and 4th, Year 3/4 teams finshed 3rd, 4th and 5th and our Year 5/6 finished in 3rd place.

Some of our pupils also were presented with individual certicates.