PE and Sport at PV - Spring term 1 2020

Date: 24th Feb 2020 @ 1:19pm

PE and Sport at Prospect Vale – Spring term 1 – January/February 2020

What a great start to a New Year and looking forward to a great 2020 of PE and Sport at Prospect Vale.

  • In Nursery, we have really been working hard on climbing and balance and introduced lots of new apparatus in the hall. The children have worked really hard challenging themselves and building up lots of confidence. There are some budding little gymnasts in progress!
  • In Reception a big focus has been continuing working those fundamental skills and really progressing the basics – different ways to move, balance, climb and dismount. The children are really developing their independence skills and organising themselves. We have started to introduce the larger equipment and even used the big blue climbing frame!
  • Year 1 have been progressing their gymnastic skills further and have worked hard on climbing, balance and travelling. We have introduced the large equipment, including the big blue climbing frame, and the children are beginning to organise and set up their own equipment safely in groups. We have also done dance and yoga.
  • Year 2 have worked on progressing gymnastics, yoga and dance. We looked at how to make up a ‘Wake-up, shake-up’ routine in small groups. The children used the larger apparatus and worked together to design and set up their own sequences, organising and safely moving and fixing the apparatus how they wanted it!
  • Year 3 worked really hard on lots of different elements of gymnastics. They also looked at safe setting up and use of apparatus. They worked extremely hard on movement and how to use different parts of their bodies. Year 3 also worked in groups to create a ‘Wake-up, Shake-up’ routine that could be used across school. The children chose the music and worked out their own simple repetitive moves. Year 3 also worked with Mrs O’Hare this ½ term.
  • Year 4 have focused on gym and dance. They have worked on gym sequences and movement and created a wonderful Greek myth dance working with Mrs O’Hare on a Wednesday. The children really displayed some fantastic dance skills as they performed for the rest of the school.
  • Year 5 have continued working on outdoor skills with Mr Gray as he develops Forest School activities across PV. The children have worked hard on challenging themselves and using different skills and building up resilience. Year 5 have also been swimming (and continue until the Easter break) and have done dance also.
  • Year 6 have become experts in Boccia! After being taught the basic skills and rules of Boccia before Christmas by Charlotte of Stockport SHAPES, we purchased some Boccia kits and the pupils have loved being the pioneers at our school! They have been having their own class tournaments and intend on teaching classes lower down in the school. The Year 6’s have worked hard on their leadership skills also.


Our Smile for a mile - ‘Run to Tokyo’ is continuing all year round. We haven’t managed to add up as many laps as we would of liked this half term due to the ‘Great British Weather’ but this will be stepped up as it starts to get warmer and brighter.

We are continuing as a school to see if we can get to Tokyo by the end of the summer term, when the Tokyo Olympics start.


  • 30 children from Year 1 – Year 6 were selected to represent Prospect Vale at the Stockport SHAPES annual Key Steps gymnastics competition, held at Stockport gymnastics club. All the children performed brilliantly and were a credit to PV. It was a fabulous morning and gave the children an opportunity to perform in a ‘real’ gymnastics club!
  • 8 selected girls from Year 5 attended a special ‘Girls Active’ day at Life Leisure, Stockport. The girls did a full day of workshops that involved yoga, Zumba, box fit, Ultimate Frisbee and taekwondo. The girls all enjoyed the day and brought back to school lots of ideas to set up their own Girls only lunchtime club.

We continue to have a coach from Progressive Sports in every lunchtime. ALL the children are given the opportunity on a weekly rota, to work with our coach on many different target sports and activities.

Mrs O’Hare has been coming in on a Wednesday and worked with our Year 3 and 4 this half term.

We continue to be busy after school - Football club on a Tuesday, KS2 Cheerleading on a Wednesday, KS1 Cheerleading and dance on Thursday and Multi-skills on a Friday.

More exciting competitions and activities are planned for the next half term including Mrs Bradbury’s netball club on a Thursday after school!

Mrs Hall J