PE and sport at PV - Autumn term 2

Date: 8th Jan 2020 @ 2:08pm

PE and Sport at Prospect Vale - Autumn term 2 – November/December 2019


The 2nd half term at PV has flown by! The children have all gained confidence in so many key areas, particularly their acting and dance skills in our Christmas productions J

Here’s a brief story of what we’ve been up to across school this half term…

  • In Nursery, we have continued to work fundamental skills, focusing on gross motor movement and greater confidence, challenging themselves using the apparatus in the hall. The Nursery children continue to use the outdoor areas wherever possible.
  • In Reception the children have continued to progress their gymnastic skills, focusing on balance and movement. They have gained confidence using the hall apparatus and are able to challenge themselves to take things to the next level. The children have also experienced different dance styles.
  • Year 1 continue to work hard towards all the elements required for the Key Steps gymnastics scheme. They have also used some of the larger hall equipment for sessions. We have looked at different styles of dance and used the Nutcracker story to introduce some ballet moves.
  • Year 2 have continued to progress their gymnastic skills very well. This half term they have been extending their skills on the vault and have constructed and performed some very good gymnastic routines. Year 2 have used the Nutcracker as an introduction to ballet. Year 2 have also worked weekly with Mrs O’Hare on play leadership, considering how simple games can be differentiated to provide challenge or simplified when needed. The children have learned about the qualities of a good leader and reflected upon their own skills and qualities.
  • Year 3 have progressed their gymnastic skills and use of large equipment. The children are confident to use the blue climbing frame in a variety of ways and have shown their strength and ability to make choices independently. Year 3 have also used the Nutcracker as an introduction to ballet and we have linked ballet moves to other genres of dance. We have also been able to use these ballet terms to link French!
  • Year 4 the main focus has been on the final half term of swimming lessons and gaining confidence in the water. Many of the children are now swimming totally armband free which is a huge improvement!

Year 4 have also been working on different styles of dance, creating shapes and movement representing things from their Egyptian topic.

  • Year 5 have focused heavily on outside experiences and have been working on Forest Schools skills. Mr Gray has worked with the children on walking and building up stamina. They have also included gymnastic skills in their areas of learning.
  • Year 6 have continued with some gymnastics skills but the main focus has been creating a dance with Mrs O’Hare.
    Following on from England’s fabulous success in the Rugby World Cup, they have had the opportunity to be creative; work in groups and lead each other to create a HAKA! They have added a new section to the dance each week and ended the half term performing this to groups of children and staff.

SMILE FOR A MILE has continued each week, very much weather permitting this half term!

During this half term we have totalled 2158 laps = 270 miles. Our goal is to have reached Tokyo by the time the 2020 Olympics start in July. Stockport to Tokyo is approximately 5,869 miles.

Our Autumn term combined has totalled 4974 laps = 622 miles! The equivalent of almost running from Stockport to Berlin, Germany!

Once again, the most active class this ½ term has been YEAR 2 totalling a massive 1169 laps, 146 miles! Well done Year 2.

  • Year 4 took part in the Rugby megafest at Manchester Rugby Club.
  • Year 6 took part in a Boccia competition at school hosted by Charlotte from Stockport SHAPES alliance.
  • In class/house competitions have taken place across school.

We have continued to have Progressive sports every lunchtime offering structured games sessions on a rota, giving all pupils the opportunity to take part in extra physical activity during their break.

Mrs O’Hare has been coming in on a Wednesday and worked with Year 2 and Year 6. Next half term she will be working with Year 3 and Year 4.

Continuing after school clubs include - Football club on a Tuesday, KS2 Cheerleading on a Wednesday, KS1 Cheerleading and dance on Thursday and Multi-skills on a Friday.

More competitions and opportunities are planned for the next half term, starting with the annual Key Steps Gymnastics competition at Stockport gymnastics club in mid January!

Cheer and dance preparation for competitions will begin and the children will be continuing with lots of personal challenges throughout the term.


Mrs Hall :)