Nursery Elf on the Shelf Week 1

Date: 2nd Dec 2020 @ 10:36am

This week, we were joined by one of Father Christmas' Elves. He certainly made an entrance... we arrived on Tuesday to find him flying in our classroom on a paper aeroplane! During outdoor play, he came down for us to see that his paper aeroplane was a letter he had written to us all. We were told that we must not touch him as he will lose his magic and that he cannot talk to us, but we must look out for him every morning. Father Christmas also left a diary for us to record what scene we find each day. When we break up for the holidays, Miss Duckett will post the diary back to Father Christmas so he can see what wonderful activities his Elf has been up to. 

On Wednesday, we found the Elf had made a swing out of a toilet roll tube and was hanging from the toilet doorway. We think he had also been throwing baubles in the classroom as one of our activity trays was full of them! Then on Thursday, we saw that our Elf had, had a sleepover with Spiderman! Unforunately, it mustn't have ended well as the Elf was trapped in a Spiderman web. Uh oh!

Finally, on Friday the Elf found himself in dangerous waters as he was hanging from our water tray sign to escape the crocodiles. He was holding on to a letter he had written, thanking one of our children for letting Spiderman sleepover in school with him. 

It's been an exciting first week getting to know our Elf and seeing what he gets up to whilst we are all at home. We have created some wonderful drawings to record what each day has brought to us and we look forward to filling our diary over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for updates on our page every Friday so you can take part in our Elf journey with us.