Here at Prospect Vale we have a very busy calender of sporting events in and out of school. Our school offers a huge variety of sporting opportunities with our extra-curricular clubs and links with clubs accross the borough. But we pride ourselves on giving our children huge opportunities during PE curriculum time by using experts from outside agancies also. This year we have had lots of new activities including skateboarding, hula hooping and different genres of dance!


At Prospect Vale, we have a number of pupils who help with the provision of sports, physical activities and keeping a healthy lifestyle across our school.

The Sports council

This is made up of 10 Year 5's who have formally applied for the position and have shown willingness in promoting sports and healthy living in school. They are required to assist in planning and helping at sporting activities in school and encourage pupils within school to be more active.

2019/2020 Sports Council are - 



The Boys and girls active committees

These are a group of Year 5 and Year 6 girls and boys who encourage pupils across our school to take part in some different activities to help promote a healthy lifestyle and an interest in different sports.

The boys committtee are - 

The girls committee are - 



Take at look at some of our the fantastic sports activities we do at PV!



The aim of this is to get our children really active regularly, extra to the 2 hour PE curriculum time that all our pupils receive. The team from the SSP came to launch the scheme with some of our children a few years ago and measured out our playgrounds. Each class ensures they do a 15 minute run at least once a week and the childrens laps are recorded. At the end of each half term there should be some lap winners, a house group champion and some spirit awards for super effort! Even though our reception class are not as strictly monitored, they have been doing their own 15 minute playground run every week and have been really enjoying joining in the fun. Take a look at our reception class having fun while they 'Smile for a mile'.



2016/2017 - Prospect Vale acheived Bronze status in the School Games mark.

Prospect Vale have acheived Silver Status in the School Games mark 2017/2018!

2018/2019 - Prospect Vale retained our Silver status.........

Next Year we will be 'Going for Gold'!