Welcome to the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) at Prospect Vale School.

“Enriching the children of Prospect Vale’s education by fundraising through fun inclusive activities and events”

The Prospect Vale Primary School PTFA is a non-profit organization run by Parents, Teachers and Friends of the school to organize inclusive events and activities to enrich the learning and social experience of children who attend the school.

The PTFA activities include School Discos, Christmas Fair/Party, Mothers Day and Fathers Day Stalls and our big annual event, The Prospect Vale School Summer Fair.

Through these events we are able to raise extra funds to donate to the school to enrich the children’s learning. We have contributed to the purchase of items such as iPads for the ITC Suite, books and Christmas pantomimes to name a few.

All of these activities could not be organised if it wasn’t for the efforts of the members of our group, the dedication of the teachers and the generosity of the local community with donations of prizes and support.

We are always looking for people to help and support us and we are always open to suggestions for new activities and events. If you feel you can help us at an event or support us with an activity, whether it is to co-ordinate an event or by donating 10 minutes of your time to help during or in preparing an event, you will be warmly welcomed.

Thanks again and if you have any questions then please contact me.


Shaun Holdom

Chairman of the Prospect Vale PTFA



Shop online and raise money for school by using the Easyfundraising website.

Everytime you go online click on the link whether browsing or buying and raise easy money for school!

Why not come along to one of our events and help our PTFA support our school!

Thank you!



The funds raised by our PTFA have contributed towards many valuable resources and activities for the children including;

Playground Goal Units

IT Equipment

Christmas Pantomimes

Theatre Days

Reading Books

….and much more!





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