Year 6 2022 - 2023

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Hi Year 6!

We are so pleased to have you back in school and are really looking forward to this school year. 

Please come and visit this page frequently for updates throughout the school year. 



Mr Dudley. 



Our Autumn topic is The Maya Civilisation so if you would like to do some research and get a head start, there is a link to Dr Diane Davies website below which is the best place for all the information you need. 

Here are some suggestions for creative homework activities: 

Maya homework                           

  • Can you research a Maya city? What can you find out about it? What was it like? Write a fact file about it!
  • What Maya myths can you find out about? Re tell the story in your own words! Can you write your own Maya myth? What kind of characters will you include? Write or type your myth!
  • Can you design and create your own Maya headdress/mask? Write a paragraph about why they wore them.
  • Can you find out about the Maya calendar? What was it? Write about what you can find out!
  • Can you draw or make a Maya temple? Write about why the temples were so important to the Maya.
  • The Maya were great farmers and enjoyed eating tortillas filled with cooked vegetables! Can you design your own Maya tortilla recipe? Perhaps you could even make it!
  • What were the Maya warriors like? Can you draw a picture of one? Write about who they were and what weapons they had.
  • The Maya loved chocolate. Can you find out about how chocolate is made?
  • Where in the world did the Maya live? Use a map to find out! Can you plot the different Maya cities on the map?
  • Can you find out about the different Maya gods? Can you draw a picture of what you think they looked like? Write about what you have found out.


Rewards for outstanding work to display quality will be awarded J



Homework is given out on Friday and is due in on the following Friday. 


After Christmas, the children will be given homework books in preparation for SATS. 



Our day for P.E. is Wednesday with Ms O'Hare. 

Please see below a special message for children in Year 6 cool

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